As a multi-disciplined creative I'm always up for new adventures, but this time it's different. I'm looking for a new destination!

I had enough conversations with myself to realize that if I continue this path, I will limit my growth and impact. I need fuel, counter gas, brain teasers, knowledge and creation. From me to we. A team to join.

Talk to anyone I’ve worked closely with and they’ll probably highlight at least one of the following:

- I’m an associative thinker (there is not even one problem or I can find at least 99 solutions)
- I have a strong passion for beautifully written, spoken old or sung words
- There is no end to my creativity and ideas are popping up the whole day
- I always go the extra mile - I know many say it, I actually do it.

I'm Amsterdam based, Wonderland raised, a chronic optimist and a people person. Also madly in love with my dog Borreand I have a slight office supply addiction.  

go go gadget!
Thank you!
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